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usdm 05 wrx base map

Trey Adams

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Hello, I recently purchased a linkG3 that has been updated with G4 software from Miles at FineLine imports is California, I am wondering if you guys have a base map for an 05 wrx usdm model. reason being is that my car is an 05 wrx, but has a jdm ver 8 long block and manifold. I am still using the usdm 05 wrx engine harness, but had made up my own avcs harness to work with the ver 8 jdm ecu and have been tuned like that with no issues for a few years now on that ecu. I am having some troubles doing the initial set up on the Link and was thinking that some of the issues could be due to me using the 05 wrx engine harness. I know that I can configure the Link to work the sensors how they should be, but was thinking that the whole set up would go quicker for me starting with the wrx base map as oppossed to the sti map, as I can simply add the avcs into the wrx map in the auxillary 1 and 2 outputs and the rest of the sensors would already be configured correctly for the usdm 05 wrx. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Trey Adams

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