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nick jenkins

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Hi all, Thanks for your offer of a TPS, I found one locally. I have fitted it and I have found that it changed the master fuel from 110 to 95 is that normal or dose it show that the TPS was failing when fitted becauce it was second hand in the first place. The prodlem I have always had, is at light throttle at 100,110 Kph I  get a lite cough which is annoying, come to think of it it's there any time there is light throttle. I was woundering if,  seeing I'am running with lamda on if I change the default setting 10=100 0n the TPS to 10-say 285 will it give it a finer point of tune as it gives the link Plus more rows to chose from at that light throtle.

Thanks Nick.

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Hi Nick

Can I get a bit of a run down on the application,it is often better to use MAP for your row steps.

A change in TP Sensor should not effect the fuelling if it has been spanned the same.

You can span the TPS over a wider range to give more rows and finer resolution.

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Hi With the multi butterfly configuration TPS row steps is correct. Given the fuelling is moving around so much I suspect there is another issue. Couple of things to check. All grounds need to be inspected and checked for good continuity. Check map and TPS signals are consistent. TPS should always read the same at throttle closed and 100% open. Map should be around 100 at key on. Also check engine temp as this will have an effect on fuelling also.

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