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G3 Changing settings by itself, why?


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I've got a g3 with bigger map sensor running my 4agte. now i've had to weird instances where the link has changed/lost settings both overnight.

now the first was when the setup was in my previous car. had it tuned, ran like a dream for a few days, cold start worked great etc etc, went for a blat on the wednesday night, ran like a dream, parked it up, went to bed, woke up in the morning and the car wouldn't start. called my tuner, and the  link had lost the dwell settings that were put into it. this was a pain as i hadn't saved the map onto my laptop yet so couldn't just reload it, and didn't know what the settings were.

now the latest occurance is with the same setup in the in my new car. had it tuned, ran perfect for about 13days, woke up in the morning and the car was permanently on it's launch control at 5000rpm which i had it set on when it was in the old car (use a gizzmo one in new car) now i couldnt' figure it out until i got the time to plug my laptop in and found out the reason.

have you heard many other cases where the link change or lose settings? and is there anything that will fix this, as i'd be a bit gutted if say some fuel or ign settings changed overnight.



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Maybe unrelated...when tuning the older PossumLink's on Subarus. More often than not, random numbers keep appearing in the maps. Its almost as if fuel and ign figures get swapped between maps in some cells. Its very frustrating at times. Although fortunately the ignition timing max limit should prevent any major mishaps. Occasionally the MAP limit has changed too, from a normal high figure, to little over atmos. USB link in use. Dell Inspiron 8100 Only seems to happen when online with the laptop in my case though. Once stored and offline things seem to stay as they were left. Happened with several ecu's Ive used....perhaps in my case, its a comms issue ? I keep meaning to get a serial Link...but dont use Link that often now, although have a G3 to do soon on an EP91 Glanza

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In your case I suspect it might be noise effecting the ribbon cable.

For the G3's no need for any adapter as they are fitted with a USB port so all you need is a USB A-B cable.

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