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Your help please

Antonio Ferreira

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First HELLO to all of you. Im facing a problem and dont know to solve. Some years ago purchased a version 5 Possum Link ( the street one )from MRT to fit my GT turbo my99 european specification. Everything received in good order and installation was done. Last three years the car was in my garage ( bought a EVO 7 )and now, after performed a lot of modification, I want plug the Link but, in the meantime I lost the original CD. So, the question is: What to do to be able to tune the ECU from my laptop? I still have the serial link and flat cable. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and best regards To Ferreira

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There is one version of PCLink for all early style ECU's (basically anything with the flat ribboin cable tuning port).   This is PCLink V2.5.  Newer versions of PCLink (V3 onwards) do not support these earlier ECU's.  New version PCLink will connect to old ECU's, but it may cause some settings to not be visible.  PCLink V2.5 is required for the PossumLink V5 and is free download from the link above.  A SerialLink or ComLink will be required to plug the laptop into the ECU.

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