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Is there a way to print out a wirelist?

Rod Smart

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I'd just like to print out the I/O list, or connection list for the wiring of the ECU I have, but I cannot fand anything simple in the G4 program.

I found that you can print out the whole ECU data and tables, but that's too much information, I don't really want to take the PC/Lappy into the workshop to verify the wiring (engine is running, just wanting to add some extra I/O to the ECU)

After working on and programming PLC's, I can extract a I/O list just of what is connected to which Input and Output, the names/labels of those connections, so I can then verify that to how its connected in the real world.

Or, is this something that should go in the Wishlist :)

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No, the wirelist would be unique to each setup, as in DI1 = Left Front Wheel speed sensor on 1 setup, and another it would be Speed Restrict on another setup..

If the ECU is programmed with several inputs and outputs, across the same setup, you'd have it the same, but with variants (makes/models) then different Inputs would be defined differently.

And being paper, not all of us use a paper filing system, and after its verified between the ECU and the setup, then its possibly tossed.

The other way to do it is to mark up the booklet (or photo copy the pages) or print out the PDF of whichever ECU booklet.

If you open the PCLink G4 software, I have all the I/O at the bottom, each one has The port name and the definition/destination, that's the list I'd like to print out.

The reason being, I'm working on the software setup here, and the machine I am wiring up is 1/2 Hr drive from here, I go there to build it, and here to play with the software to learn what I can do with it, and currently, I have wires *everywhere* until I loom it all up.

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