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SR20DET Ignition condenser


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Hi everyone,

I just had a quick question regarding the ignition condenser fitted to the factory SR20DET loom. Basically what i was wanting to know is, is it still required when running a G4+ (plugin). the main reason i ask is im just trying to tidy up some of the unused or unnecessary wires+plugs and wasnt sure whether this is still required.




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Thanks for the reply guys, David, you correct. I'm talking about a small capacitor that is wired into the #1 coil. on the sr20det loom it is remote mounted near the oil filler cap on the engine loom. I forgot to mention in the first post that this is on a s15, so it doesn't have an ignitor. Ive done some research into what it "does" however it really wasn't clear other than saying it was required for some "older" ecus. so i thought id ask everyones thoughts

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Hi Paul,

the capacitor or suppressor is only really required if you get electrical noise through the ECU causing issues, this will normally only be found when the laptop is connected , or may show up as a misfire in an extreme case or twitching tacho or similar, or noise through your radio.

The ViPEC ECU's and not sure but the LINK ECU's may have been the same, when first released came with a capacitor /suppressor in the kit, but they have stopped adding these in the kits many years ago now.



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