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Logging questions

Matt Dunn

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Hi have some questions on data logging.

In PC LInk help I find

'The parameters logged by ECU Logging are fixed and can not be changed.  Approximately 100 of the most important parameters have been selected for logging.'


My ECU runs firmware 4.7.1 I believe,

and I am trying to log front and rear wheel speed, or wheel slip % to the onboard logging,

but it seems to only log one wheel speed.


Is this the way it should be,

and will updating the firmware help with what I want to do.


Also does the later firmware still only log 10 logs, then stop,

or will it re-write over the oldest log if you don't delete the logs?


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Ok so slip is not logged, both both front and rear wheel speed sensors are,

not sure why I could only get one earlier?

Anyway, is there a way that PCLINK can show slip in the Log Analysis?  Can is work it out from the logged data,

or do you just have to overlay the two yourself?

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