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93 WRX Type RA / PossumLink

Joshua Zajac

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Hey all, new to the car scene. I have just finished building my first project car (93 Wrx Type RA), and I was wondering if anyone was able to provide me with a base map/tune for my car. Current Engine Mods are as Follows: EJ20 Closed Deck, Fully Forged, Doweled 3" Turbo Back Exhaust PossumLink ECU (WRXROAD, 10/11/97, 598) Lambda Link Module Garrett AR.60 T04 Turbo 800cc Injectors Parallel Fuel Rails Bosch 500hp External Fuel Pump Walbro 500hp Intank Fuel Pump Malpassie* Fuel Pressure Regulator Standard Throttle Body Flipped Manifold with FMIC Standard Version 3 STi Heads/cams The ECU already has a Tune for the old engine on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated Appologies for posting this in the G1 section also.. Thanks Josh

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Just a few questions if someone knows... With the Possumlink, if it has a Tune for the old engine on it, would I be able to work on the Last tune to work with my new modifications? Firstly, how can i work out the IDC of my 800cc injectors compared to the 380cc injectors Also, what is better to tune with, PC or Hand controller? Also is the Lamdba Link Module accurate enough for tuning? And how much are 3bar Link Map sensors as i want to Run over 21psi Boost? Thanks Josh

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You can tune from the existing map. Given the large injector change you will need to lower you master fuel number quite a lot.

The current firmware that ECU is running will only support tuning via hand controller.

You can upgrade to PCtuning for a fee. Returning the ECU to us for the upgrade and retest.

For tuning we would strongly suggest a wideband O2 controller. The innovate motorsports line of products are very good.

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