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Wish for operator tuning capabilities

Wade Gadsby

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The one wish i would have would be a Link that has a user friendly autotune that maybe had 3 stages. Stage 1 would be the current version, allows car to idle and maybe drive without boost, very mild tune. Stage 2. Would be a user friendly dyno tuning type thing. You would do this after stage 1, by gently adding more and more throttle- probably on a repeatable strip of road. Stage 2 would allow you to do a mild safe tune so it could be driven like a nana. Stage 3. This stage would allow you to fine tune your car more so you could give her the odd rev up. Then once you had $$ saved you could take it too the dyno for that extra 20-30% of power gain. I realise that this is not realistic in many ways and would cost a lot and probably take a lot of money from dyno guys and give away all their knowledge etc etc etc but this is a wish list right!! ((p.s my current knowledge of link is far from extensive ))

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What you described is what Auto tune  can do Autotune is not to be mixed up with closed loop lambda though as that is for emmisions control

it is up to the operater/user to set up all these parameters this is where tuners experience comes into play and is what you pay for when getting a tune done

also mixtures is only part of a tune Ignition timing needs to be done and the only realistic/accurate  way is on a dyno


David Heerdegen

[email protected]

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