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EGT fuel trims


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Go to 'Fuel-Advanced' Select the 'Individual Cyl Fuel Correction' You can then decide if you want an individual table per cylinder. You can then set up the table with EGT as the 'Y' axis and RPM as the 'X' axis. The numbers you put in the table are a % of how much you want to adjust the main fuel table. ie. if the exhaust temp is too high then you may want to add some fuel in the approporate correction table, therefore put 10% (or some other +ve number) in the appropriate cell. The opposite is true if the fuel is too cold (subtract fuel). It is vitally important that the main fuel table is accurately tuned before you start with individual corrections. You should also ensure that all EGT probes measure the same temp. You can do this by moving the probes to different cylinders and checking that they measure the same for each cylinder. If the probes are not measuring the same then you could make the wrong adjustment and melt something.

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