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EVOlink G3 switch connect


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all greetings!!
I am interested in one question; how to connect to a Evolink  button to switch map or mode, ex mode antilag?
I read help in sofware (very informative), but never understood how to do it at the level of iron. How to determine at what pin can be connected button? Can I use pinout for Link Ecu G3 or not (i think no)?
want to use the full potential this ECU
will be grateful for any response
p.s. sorry for my bad english
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pick a Digital Input (I have a feeling there is only one on the standard G3) - find out which pin on the ECU header it is an wire it up to one side of a single pole switch.  The other side of the switch should be fed 12 volts.  So basically, when you flick the switch, the Link ECU earths the connection.

Then in PClink, Configure your DI to an un-used function (water spray perhaps?) and then you can check it's working (donw the botton, there is a Digital Inputs tab where you can see their status) Then under "Boost  Control" you configure the Dual Boost Table function to "Switch on DI" and then you can choose which Digital Inpout channel to switch on - which is the channel you wired up to your switch!!

I'm sure Simon or Ashley will correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope that helps.

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