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WRX RA 5th injector POSSUM LINK

Daniel Burgess

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Heya, im new to this forum I Have a Subaru Legacy 1990 GT a brand new engine with ver 5 sti forged pistons and rods gtb heads an a twisted td05h 20g turbo extractors full 2.75" to name a few and i have just picked up a 2nd hand possum link wrx 92-96 from trademe for a tune S/N: GPNLAG8 775 071105 with my engine im running a a split fuel rail with STI 440cc injectors also i have a 1993 WRX RA intake manifold with the 5th injector not hooked up will i still be able to use this extra injector with a possum link ? i was told you can tune it in? also i have a GFB manual boost controller can i still use that or upgrade to an apexi or hks without hassle? i would really like to be able to use this as otherwise i have to change my manifolds and everything over Cheers

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Hi Daniel,

The board you have does not have a drive for that 5th injector, so even with a software change you will not be able to run it.

You can still use the manual boost controller, or if you've still got the factory solenoid (or buy a boost control solenoid, available from your nearest dealer) then the ECU can control boost for you.

The fifth injector is really only a cold start injector, it's too small to add a decent amount of fuel for staged injection (you'd need a 2000cc inj to be useful) If you're running out of fuel, you'd be better off to just upgrade you main injectors (they actual spray into the intake ports, rather than dribble into the manifold like the cold start inj).


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