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Log files looks corrupted ;/


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1 in 5 times that i log a quite bit log file ( about 20 min or more )  i found that  the log file dont have almost any value or have same wacky  value that may was part of the real log or not part at all ( random numbers )  .

After the logging when I'm going to the log manager to save the log I'm almost sure that the log is corrupted when I see a SOL number like 1443:0....... etc   .

Today I lost a ton of fuel doing 4 gears pull to the rpm limit using different boost levels to fine tune my map ..  and my gift  was one of those logs that I told before.

I'm attaching the log  so that you may investigate what is really happening , and all this precious time  and money goes bye bye :(


( I'm logging the default parameters  in 20hz  and I don't know if its a problem but i have both wideband 1 and an volt 6 (wideband) selected to the log parameters . I guess its ok )




Thank you

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Thank you im waiting for this !

I want to add that this problem is irrelevant of the PC Link software Version because i had this problem even  Since 4.5 firmware if i remember right ,  till the latest 4.8

If it happens again i will upload the faulty log so you can have more to investigate.

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