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4age link g4+ trigger no signal


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Hi there, hope anyone could help me out with this trouble, im from malaysia and i bought this link g4+ storm series ecu to install to my ae86 4age 16v, wiring job i have done for it , the problem i facing right now is i couldnt get any rpm with the ecu... current distributor is 24 tooth from the lower part and top part is 4 tooth, does i need to change to 4agze distributor or i have to modify and grind away some tooth for my distributor?? my current trigger setup has been setup to Trigger 1 -(multitooth)(24count)(position-cam)and the filtering is level 1, trigger priority has been set to trigger 1 as well..and for trigger 2 sync mode to (cam level), is the above configuration that i made was correct?? 

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