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Miata trigger setup with 36-2 wheel and VVT

Maik Maier

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I have a problem with my 2000 Mazda Miata and my Link G4 Xtreme. Right now I'm in the progess of setting up the ECU. But I have a major problem with the Trigger Signal. I'm using a 2000 1.8 BP Engine Block with a 2004 VVT Head. For best sensorical performance I use a 36-2 trigger wheel. I setted up the car with MultiTooth/Missing Trigger wheel 1. Using double wasted spark the engine fires up, as it should. But when setting up Trigger 2 and Sync the sensor Signal mess up showing RPM's up to 18.000 rpm while cranking.  The is caused by a wrong Sync Mode. I used 'Cam Pulse 1x', but the VVT Miata head has a Trigger wheel with 1 tooth  and 2 thooth 180° opposite. Is there a way to change the Sync mode? I really want to use direct spark and the VVT, so I need the right setting.
Is there a way to realise it?

I really don't want to use the genuine 4 tooth trigger wheel with the prepared setting.

I attached the actual Trigger settings and the trigger signal the way the should be (see picture: Red: Cranksignal; Green: Cam/Sync-Signal; Blue: Igniter).

Thanks in advance.



Trigger Mode: MultiTooth / Missing

Trigger Priority: Trig 1


Trigger 1 Type: Optical/Hall

Trigger 1 Filtering: Level 2

Trigger 1 Pullup: On

Trig 1 Edge: Rising

Multi-Tooth Posn: Crank

Thooth Count: 36

Missing Teeth: 2


Trigger 2 Type: Optical/Hall

Trigger 2 Filtering: Level 2

Trigger 2 Pullup: On

Trig 2 Edge: Rising

Sync Mode: Cam Pulse 1x





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Hi Maik


I think the easiest option is to go back to the stock crank sensor. 

The other way would be to add a single tooth cam trigger to the exhaust cam and use that for the RPM engine position combined with the crank trigger.

You can then put the intake sensor signal into a Di and control the vvt then.

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Sorry for Resurecting an old thread, 

As I have a miata with similar engine setup(1.8 vvt and sequential spark with cops) I was planning to go to 36-2 trigger wheel for better crank position resolution.

So this is a no go without additional Triger? 


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