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External Map Sensor (EVOLinkG3) / 850cc Low Impedance Injector ( Power Enterprise)


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Can we use other manufacture Map Sensor other than the Link Map Sensor(internal) for the EVOLink3? Like GM 3bar...etc What should I set the Master(?ms) if I use 850cc injector for a 2.2L 4G63 Turbo. And how to measure if I change to 1000cc Injector in the future...

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EVOLink G3 only uses external MAP sensor.  It has no internal sensor.  We offer a 2.5 bar absolute (1.5 bar boost) or 5 bar (4 bar boost ) options.  The ECU also has calibrations for GM 3 Bar sensors and a few others... 

There is no hard and fast rule for setting master.  It will depend on your injectors dead time, fuel pressure and the engines fuel requirements.  Master is typically adjusted to give a good span of numbers in the main fuel table.  Again, if you change from 850 to 1000cc injectors you will not just require the equivalent % decrease in master or fuel table numbers (although this will give a close result).  The engine will need to be dyno tuned for each set of injectors to get the optimum tune.

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The deadtime should not be 12ms!!! Are you confusing this with the master setting?  Every type of injector has its own deadtime values that vary with operating voltage.  these values are determined by altering the system voltage and adjusting the deadtime value to achieve a constant AFR with changing voltage...

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Hi Bhyren  the lower the master number the less fuel  so this shouldnt of put to much fuel in  what is your base fuel pressure ?  what numbers are in the main fuel map?  also check in the fuel runtime menu what other corrections are working  and are they correct

Also what ecu are you running I am supposing a G3/G4 type ecu 



David Heerdegen

[email protected]



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