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Link for 25t skyline


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Hey all. so im in the hunt for a full ecu replacement for my skyline in the near future. i was lookin for pfc's but theyre getting rare as black diamonds. anyway to make it short.. i dont knw much about the links.. so th LINK G3.. would that be all i need? my end goal is 300rwkw. oh its a R33 25t making about 200rwkw only.

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You have two options, LEM G3 or LinkPlus G3.  Both ECU's can be supplied with plug in AdaptaLinks and base configuration maps allowing the engine to be started (you will still need to finalise the tune on a dyno for your engine).  The only other thing I would recommend is fitting an air temperature sensor if you dont already have one...  Check out the specs for both ECU's.  The LinkPlus G3 will allow full sequential injection and direct spark ignition.  Both ECU's have been used to achieve well over 300kW from RB engines many times over.  If you plan on using the vehicle for motorsport I would recommend the LinkPLus G3 as it has unrestricted use of anti-lag, launch control and flat shifting while still providing enough inputs to do closed loop idle control and boost by gear etc...  Contact a Link dealer or check the web site pricing...

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