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Nissan NEOVVL base pcl file for SR16VE/SR20VE?

Eddie Long

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Anyone have a base map pcl file for G4 Storm ecu for either a Nissan Pulsar SR16VE or Nissan Primera SR20VE. I need to get a base map for my G4 Storm for use with my Nissan Pulsar Vzr (JN15). The engine had a full rebuild done,has a 92mm crank and 86mm pistons,N1 cams with HKS adjustable cam gears,uprated valves and valve springs,370cc injectors and loads of other mods,too many to list. Car is running poorly,down in HP and torque.Doesnt turn over properly and sometimes fails to start because something isnt right with the ignition. Cams havent been dialed in correctly,engine is running very rich and generally not mapped correctly! I just need a base pcl file for a SR16VE or SR20VE engine so my tuner has a decent platform to start from when fine tuning my engine! Many thanks Eddie

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Hi Eddie.

Try loading up the S15 base map from the PCLink folders and using that as a base (fuel and ignition only).  You will still have to adjust functions etc on your DI's and AUX's to suit, but this map has reasonable start up numbers with a tweak of the master fuel number and the use of a wide band. 

The VVL can be turned off for now, as it is only an on/off type, and hopefully you will get a breath of life out of her.  If your cams are wildly out, you may have issues... So it is best you dial these in first :)



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Hi, I have an LEM G3 I have just bought, and have a SR16VE. Being a 64pin ecu, it is the same as the S15.

Am I right in saying i can initially run the car to the tuners on the S15 map? I have 2 other non-Link maps (.bin files) but they have a different scale with regards to Load in the fuel and ign maps

Some people have advised against it, others have said it is fine if I keep the revs down.

Just looking for some advice


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