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Flat throttle shifting, car dies.. ?

Gary Hamilton

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GDay, Hopefully a quick one here. Whilst configuring the G4 Extreme with a new map for a new install, I started with the 13b sample map and began to modify it for my 20B install. When I got to ignition and injector drivers, I could not find how to add 7&8. Turns out the sample map is a storm map. Is there a way to set the map as extreme? I then tried to set up a map from scratch using the extreme sample. I began to reconfigure for the 20B, but when I got tod the ignition and injector drivers, I found I could not change 7&8 on both. The screen has the padlock on it which I cannot open. Therefore I cannot allocate these as OFF or configure them as anything else. I'm sure it's simple but I could not find it. Appreciate your help, Thanks, Gary

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Hi Gary,

As you found, some functions only work when you are online with the ECU.

The control of how many Auxiliary Outputs - Ign channels are set to ignition is controlled by how many rotors you have selected (and on piston engines by the ignition mode selected). With the Auxiliary Outputs - Fuel channels, the injection mode setup and number of rotors controls how many channels are set to Injection. Auxiliary Injection can also control any spare Injection channels you have.



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