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Gizzmo IBC vs Link G3 Boost Control


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Just wanting to know whether there is any point ditching the Gizzmo IBC and moving to using the Link as boost control. Im very unsure as they use the same solinoid whether there will be any advantage in doing so.


The Gizzmo at present is giving me a few issues controlling boost, but i dont want to upgrade if the link isnt any better as ive been told Links boost control has historically been pretty bad.


Any opinions or experiences that may help?

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Personally I would let the Link ECU do the boost control it then gives stable boost when set up correctly lets you do boost by gear if you need as well as you can do boost trims by temps as well  so if the car gets hot you can pull boost out etc    the Boost control in the G3 ecus is far different than what the older G1 ecus had you cannot even compare the old products to the new stuff it is that different in every way



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Yes they are very different in what you can span against.  The G4 series can have almost anything on any axis of the 3D table that makes sense, where as the G3 series you can only have the X axis as RPM and the Y axis set up against either boost adjust (manual controller 0-5v out), by gear, or by TPS.  This is the big difference. 


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