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Thinking about a new install

Ben Jones

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Hey Link guys,

Im thinking about wiring up a loom so i can run my G4 Extreme in my 2nd car in an attempt to improve power and efficiency.  I just recorded a best ever fuel economy in my daily driver using the Link - better than what it ever managed on the factory ECU and im not even running CLL!!

So i'd like to stick it into my second car in the hope of improving things a bit.  I figure ive already got the most expensive component (the ECU) so need to pick up a new loom.  Is there a smaller loom available?  It seems a waste to buy a 2.5m loom when i only need about 6 inches.

Also, what kind of support exists for the Jaguar AJ6/AJ16 engines?  The crank angle sensor is external, so very easy to count teeth/degrees.  I dont think they run a cam angle sensor tho and just use batch fire injection with a distributor ignition,  The injection gear is all Lucas so must be reasonably common.

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