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ComLink USB and Windows 7

Euen Burke

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I have been trying to set up PCLink 2.5 on a W7 laptop however I cannot get the ComLink drivers to instal correctly. My ecu is a LEM V5 which I have been able to connect to over USB to using my old XP laptop however the ComLink drivers do not seem to be installing correctly in W7. When the ComLink box is connected to the W7 laptop, Device Manager can see it however it is listed under "Other Devices" not under a USB port. When I run the ComLink Preinstaller, it copies across the files to c:\program files\link\comlink but they do not seem to install properly. When I check the driver info in Device Manager it says that there are no drivers installed for the device (Code 28). (see picture) On the XP laptop, viewing the drivers shows a couple of files in the c:\windows\system32\ and c:\windows\system32\drivers folder so I tried copying them across there as well but it still wouldn't work. I have also tried all 8 Com port options in PCLink. Any ideas?? Regards Euen


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Hi Euen Only suggestion I have would be to search for updated drivers for the USB chip in the unit. I think form memory they were a SIlabs unit. But way to tell will be to open the unit up and read off the chip.

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Hi Simon. Thanks for the info. I have found the new W7 drivers from Silabs website (it uses a CP2101) and installed them. Firstly I tried in the default folder as specified in the install program however that didn't work, then I tried installing it in the c:\program files\Link\Comlink folder which is the default for the Comlink drivers and still it wouldn't work. When I open the drivers window for ComLink in Device Manager it still says no drivers are installed and cannot see a suitable driver in either the Silabs folder or the ComLink one. I can keep using my old XP laptop in the meantime but would quite like to migrate if I can. Cheers Euen

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