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Rb25/VG30 L28 CAS conversion

Nick Fouhy

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Im doing a full up L28ET build and have converted a Rb cas to run off the factory L28dizzy shaft system. Since the L28's Shaft runs off the crank it runs in the opisite direction compared to the Rb which runs off the cam shaft. I'm also running Rb20 coils and a Rb20 ingnitor pack. Im wiring in a G4 Storm, Needing to know about Cas Rotation, Does the G4 require the trigger system to rotate in a certing direction?, Do i need to modifiy my CAS disk and flip it over ?. Or can the G4 use one marker point on the CAS and still run a coil of plug system ? (Im under the impression since the RB Cas has 6 diffrent size slots that this isnt possible) Cheers guys Pic of cas


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you will need to make sure that the disc is spining in the same direction as factory  due to the way the decoding is done, you will have issues if it is not

if you can i would suggest that you install a crank mounted trigger wheel and use the old dizzy pick up (modified to one tooth) as the sync pic up  more reliable and better resolution.



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