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Powerlink 200 question

Pita Taufa

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HI sorry for the amateurish questions, i bought a new powerlink 200 additional fuel controller and would like a little more info on how it works. Mainly 1) Does flow increase as MAP pressure (boost) increases?.. I have the extra injectors turning on at about 3.5 PSI, will the injector open pulse get longer as boost rises? 2) What is the purpose of the wire to the coil?.tacho? 3) what is the best location to mount the extra controllers in your opinion?. i have two options..either before the throttle body on the piping after the intercooler..with injectors facing the direction of air flow OR on the air plenum , one injector between cyl 1 and 2 qnd the other inbetween 3 and 4..facing into the inlet pipes..OR as above but facing up towards the top of the plenum. the car is a porsche 924 with a BAE turbo kit..currently the cold start injector is being used and one in the intake pipe b4 the throttle body (dont like this setup as CSV sprays mainly into the 4th cylinder casue of its location...Car is CIS not EFI.. Thanks alot in advance

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The power link requires an RPM signal this can come from either the tacho or the coil negative.

Injector duty cycle will increase with boost in a linear fashion so the more boost the more fuel.

A common place to put the extra injectors is just after the throttle butterfly. But if you only have the two options you mentioned then I would go for the one injector between two cylinders in the plenum.

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Thanks for the info , much appreciated! just a few more questions as im still a little lost 1) why does the powerlink need that RPM signal? what does powerlink use the rpm signal for? i would have thought the MAP signal was all that was needed to tell the powerlink when to turn on and how long to keep the injectors open for 2)If i were to increase boost is it safe to say i dont need to adjust the trimpots on the powerlink as injector open time should increase anyway? ie once set to open at 3.5psi and pulse length set can i just leave it to do its own thing ? does this mean that "injector open" time length is ONLY SET from onset, in my case 3.5 psi 3)How accurate is a linear graph at providing accurate fuel amounts with increasing boost? i would have thought that a "fuel curve" would better approximate rising fuel demands on increasing boost? ie will the powerlink have good A/F ratio at my 3.5 PSI then run richer and richer (overly rich) as boost increases, therfore following a straight line graph? Sorry for the long winded questions, ive read instructions a few times but just cant seem to get my head around a few simple things Thanks alot in advance

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