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4g63 with g3 wont start

jake hall

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hi there, 

before i start id like to warn you all im very new to the link ecu scene as this is the first car iv owned with an aftermarket ecu, i am very mechanically minded and have always worked on/fixed my own cars but im not very confident when it comes to the electrical side of things so please bare with me as im still learning

so here goes i have a early 4g63 (evo 0) running link g3 i got the car a couple of months ago  with the link already in and everything ran mint then had a starter motor issue (just very dirty) so took out starter cleaned it put it back and car started fine and ran like it usually does but once it had warmed up and gave it a squirt it cut out at as soon as it come on boost it was like fuel cut but out of boost was driving fine so went to take car back home then all of a sudden car started running really rough and died had a look in engine bay and found a split vaccume hose i was convinced that was it so fixed it but no luck car wouldnt even start, towed car home and left it over night. next day i had a beter look and found a water temp sensor unplugged which i must of accidentally did while removing starter so pluged it back in and car started fine went for a drive but the same problem again will drive fine until i try to boost then just fuel cut again then about 10 mins later car starts running really rough and dies then wont start again but this time engine check light came on and is flashing which i assume is showing the falut code its 4 long flashes and 3 quick ones so code 43 i assume? and could that be because the temp sensor was unplugged and i havnt cleared the code only going under the assumption that the code is to do with the temp sensor but dont quote me on this as i havnt been able to find what the code actually is which brings me to my next issue. i went to download the pc link software on my laptop to find out what the fault really is but i dont know what software to download as i was told by previous owner it has a g4 upgrade so no idea what version it has or if it has even been upgraded but i do know it was last dyno tuned in mid 2013 as the previous owner gave me the receipt but no dyno sheet and since then the shop the car was tuned at has closed down so cant find out what they have done to it. sorry for messy grammar as its really late and im rushing this and also if i dont make alot of sence but any help would be much appreciated

thanks guys, jake

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Hey Simon problem solved, ignitor and coils were fine it ended up being a toasted cam angle sensor (haha) and i mean toasted! Will try get another one today but all i need to know is there any way of knowing what the timing was set to from the last tune? I have a timing light and have no problem with doing the timing. So will i be able to do this my self or will it be a case of getting it back on a dyno and going from there? Which i hope isnt the case as the tuners around here are very pricey.



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