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"Free Updates"...

Dan Pidde

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...apparently are not so free anymore. You guys give up on the G2/G3 platform to focus on the G4 platform, even though the firmware seems to be backwards compatible, and now want to charge for updated firmware. What gives? I spent as much on my G2 three years ago with a 2m loom and a 5 bar MAP sensor as you pretty much are getting now for a G4 Extreme. Considering the time-value of money with a resonable MARR, that $2k I spent is worth a hell of a lot more than what you get now. It's not like I can go run 2.5 ohm injectors at 10 amp peak using my G2 without cooking the thing.

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The G2 runs very different hardware to the G4 range and there are many things that are different between the to firmware versions. 

It was just not an option to make the G4 firmware that far backwards compatible.

Do you get free upgrades from say windows 98 to Vista or various other software packages?

And then expect the hardware to be up to the task to run it?


We could of course just kept making the G2 and not move on.






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Couple of options like the to long awaited closed loop boostcontrol have been promised and now all of a sudden is will be a paid update? Not a very smart move IMO. Having to pay to move on is OK but at least make the feature list complete as promised before doing so.

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