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S65B40 BMW Dual DBW Control or converting to single DBW

Sameh Yehia

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Hi Sam,

the ECU only really has the ability to control a single Throttle assembly.

The problem being that if one throttle assembly has an issue the ECU needs know to shut down the DBW system down.

The dual DBW throttles could be paralleled to operate via relays however the TP inputs would require setting up only one of DBW TPS inputs under the DBW setup.

If you had enough spare inputs left you could to a degree create virtual auxillaries or limiters to shut down the DBW also if the second lot of inputs fell out of range.

The big problem at the end of the day is SAFETY.

The ECU must be able to control the throttle blades at all times and if something goes wrong both throttle must be able to be shut down.



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