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WRXLink Closed Loop Lambda and Knock control now enabled?

Andrew Eden

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I notice that on the WRXLink page http://www.linkecu.com/products/engine-management/Plug-In/wrxlinkg3pluginecu that listed in the standard features is now Closed Loop Lambda and Closed Loop Knock control. In PCLink though I do not see any additions to allow use of these features. (been browsing the v9 base map). The WRX has 2 O2 sensors stock - does CLL use one of these or can you dispense with both of those and simply elect to use an aftermarket wideband? Does the Knock control simply use the stock sensor as well? Looking forward to getting all this up and singing. As an aside - Damn DHL have not delivered my WRXLink and Display link yet - somehow the area that I work in that is in the Brisbane street directory is considered 'regional' Queensland and takes an extra day - but they were happy to offer to get it here a day earlier for more money!! Bastards!

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Hmmm, yeah, sorry about that ... I have had a word about that with the marketing guys!!!  The features are still under development and will be released as part of a FREE future update.  Knock Control is finished and being sold on EVOLink G3 and LinkPLus G3 ECU's.  It will be enabled in the WRXLink G3 as soon as we have developed a good WRX/STi base setup and the best filtering combinations...    It will use the standard sensor.

Closed Loop Lambda is the current project and will be released for all ECU's in the next firmware update.  It will use either the factory sensors or an external wideband controller.

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