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link dash display

shazad hanif

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can you let me know on this i have jdm 2.0 sti 2004(i guess ver 8 its called) i have the wrxlink G3 pnp(car started on option 2 jumpers) a week ago with a map senser and iat senser(as i want get rid of the maf) n im also planing to buy dash display linkin about months time as i will get use to wrxlink G3 for now i want to buy the defi dash display unit with oil pres,fuel pres,oil temp,water temp senser which are sold seperatly so question is if i just go for the sensers mentioned above and leave the defi display unit and buy the link dash display will i be able to wire it to wrxlink G3 PNP board and see data on link dash display

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The DisplayLink plugs directly to the ECU and can only display certain parameters from the ECU.  Among those are GP temperature and pressure signals.  So, if you can get the ECU to display those values, chances are the display will dirsplay them.  You need the correct type of sensors to display pressure on the ECU (0-5V output) so you will have to check that your sensors can do this.  The other point to note is that DisplayLink's are out of stock and will be for about two months...

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