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Few questions

Dean Newman

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Hey guys,

I have got my hands on a Link G4 Extreme wire in I'm looking to run in my 2001 Verada.

I would like a few specific features and want to check if its possible/how its done.

1. Flex fuel - Other then of course the flex fuel sensor, is there anything special that needs to be in my loom/fuel system to have the tuner set this up?

2. Knock control - I understand a Link Knock Block is required, however I am curious if there are any alternatives to this?

3. Launch/Traction Control - Can this be setup like factory systems in newer models? ie. hold a button for 3 seconds to switch off, press a button to switch on - output illuminates a light whilst off?

4. Is NLTS available on this model?

This will be getting wired by a pro in a brand new loom, so I want to make sure it is 100%.

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good ECU choice :)

when you have it wired in make sure to relay every power going in , and have a master relay engage the other relays & ecu to prevent back feeding :)


as as for your questions 

1. just need the flex sensor and a tuner :)

2. I believe the knockblock is optional , from what I understand you can use stock sensors

3. You can have any kind of switch you want , just wire up the switch to a DI and then create an virtual aux with a timer of your wanted time and the DI you want, or use a regular Aux and drive an indicator light . 

% slip is always calculated , you need to set up an rpmlimit or something to limit the power (a overlay of ignition with slip and DI on/off is what I use)

so as if I have 30% slip with di 1 off then ignition overlay is at 0 , if di 1 is on then 30% slip means that timing will be retarded by 5degrees.

hope this helps :)

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