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ez30R wont start. Is one of my settings off? .pcl file included for diagnosis.

chris briggs

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Here is a basic .pcl map file for my ez30r. Everything checks out. Coils have spark, injectors are working. I think maybe my trigger settings are off. (they check out voltage wise too.) I included a .pcl file from my setup, maybe i have been working at it too long and there is a setting thats staring at me that is set wrong. thanks guys for your help.


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Hi Chris.

The first thing that strikes me when i open the file is that the Engine coolant temp shows 96*c

Is this a cold engine? If so you are not getting any crank enrichment.

I then notice there are no ECT sensor in the Analog temp section. You need one!

You could also turn on the pre crank feature to get more fuel on the first rev.

The throttle possition sits at 7,5% I guess its not calibrated correctly yet. Hense the fault code i suppose.

Also turn AFR correction ON. Makes the thing easier to tune.

Have you calibrated your timing with a light?

Well thats the things that gets my attention on the first overwiev...



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Also i se the pcl says its a 6 cyl engine. This correct? if so , the fireing order correct for it?

Also you got your first 4 injectors setup as peak and hold injectors. 5 and 6 is set as saturated. Need to get this sorted.

Also there is no AIT setup. Dont need it to start, but need it anyway.

Do the engine have an idle solenoid? or is it using the E-Throttle to control idle?

Well taht was my second look at it...


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Steve is correct you will need to adjust your injector setup to be saturated

only use AFR correction if you understand what it does

the engine will not start because the timing will be well off as the cam offsets have not been set

inlet rh should be around 207 atdc

inlet lh should be around 70atdc

start with that  and recheck your calibrations from there



[email protected]


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Thanks Dave. I think you should make a very basic base map on the new software. Once I get this baby running, ID still like to buy your map. That's going to save me a load of time at the dyno. Injectors are set to saturated. Going to make sure my triggers have the correct polarity because I am getting jumping movement on the rpm software gauge not steady like my last engine first crank start. Is there a place to set that initial cam timing in the new software?

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Thanks for ALL your help everyone!!!! IT RUNS!!! smooth as silk. Okay just for everyone in the future. The problem was the right and left cam sensors. (knew it was trigger related!) Looking from the front of the engine (PULLEY side) i assumed right is right and left was left. WRONG! Left and right is determined from looking at the rear of the engine. (flywheel clutch side) As soon as i hooked up left and right this way.....brooooooom!!! Thats a killer sounding engine in my porsche 914 with the stock boxster muffler out the back!

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