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GTSLink "Tick"

Kent Fiddymont

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Hey guys,

Just picked up an S13 with an RB20DET conversion running a GTSLink. Wiring is not the tidiest but it has an intermittent problem as follows. #1 coilpack plug was broken and would make the car run on 5cylinders unless you pulled it out slightly. I have replaced the plug surround (but no change to the wires) i.e removed pins and replaced plastic, and now when the car turns over it has a loud ticking noise from the ecu and doesn't start.

Any ideas what this might be? It did this once before with the broken plug but jiggling the plug fixed it.


Many thanks,


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Hi Kent,

It is possible that the bad connection has damaged the ECU, if you send it to us we can check it out. Seeing that one plug has failed though, and caused this problem before, I would have a good check of all the other wiring as well. Pay good attention to engine grounds as they like to fail with age too.


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