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rb30det new tune cold start


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Hi I had my rb30det dyno tuned in june and when i got my ute back it wont start easily. The computer is a link plus g2 I originally had a full tune and it started fine since then i added new 740cc injectors a new turbo, intercooler piping and a couple other things. When i done the up grade before taking it for a new tune the engine would start fine as it always did but since the new full dyno tune it does not. When i start it now it takes quite a while to kick over like about a minute or two of cranking some times i have to jump start it with another car.. originally i thought it was a stuffed battery so i got a new one with 600-700 cold cranking amps heaps of juice i also changed the starter motor but still the same problem. When it finally does start it always puffs out a big cloud of petrol fumes. I also had to change the sparkpulgs once as they had fowled up went from iridiums back to some cheap ones. When cranking it does feel like it wants to start, it fires every now and then but just wont burst into life. It will crank, almost start then the starter will grind and i have to repeat the process over and over until it finally starts. Some guidence would be good as the tuner that i normally take my ute to has left from where he works and the next closest place to take it is a hour away... Any help would be good I have a lap top and the link program installed just need some guidence on where to start changing things.

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