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Fault codes 26, 46, 49

Ole HÃ¥kon Tokvam

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I have the G4 Link ECU with map sensor and no maf in my '92 model Nissan Sunny GTi-R.

The other day I had to change some vacuum hoses, and to get to them I disconnected the loom plugs. I put everything back together, and the engine would not start.

I checked that the plugs were properly plugged in, and that the vacuum hose to the map sensor was connected. All appearing to be fine.

Then I connected the ecu to PCLink, and got these fault codes:

 What do these mean?

What can I do about it?

Best regards,
Ole from Norway 

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 I dont know what they would be for your motor / computer, but I do know how to find out

To read them, turn the key to 'ON'

Look at the top bar where it tells you your error codes in Red text.

Click the text

The event log should describe what the code is;

For example, I had just soldered two wires together for my iat sensor. I wanted to make sure that the sensor read correctly before I hid the wires. At the turn of the key, I got AN5 Voltage low. I was pissed. Turns out that the wires were touching, so it was going to ground.

Once you figure out what is wrong, fix it and clear the codes to see if it is fixed.

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Also - before you disable them, try just widening the range. Perhaps they are throwing fits because of that....


I have a 0-100psi AEM gauge. On start up I see 105+ PSI. I was getting an error because it was outside the limits, so I just bumped the limits, and it actually reads like 104ish PSI even though the gauge wont read that high.

Link FTW.

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As your applications is a distributor based engine you will only have one ignition drive and one coil, so depending on where the rotor in the dissy is pointing will depend on which cylinder you get spark.

 Given you get spark this indicates the coil and ignition drive are good.

You will need to check the timing when cranking to make sure its firing at the right time.

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