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44S PossumLink TPS ALS set up ?

Ian Oliver

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I have been running my 2002 subaru wrx with the 44S and have been running with ALS on all the time.

TPS was opened till it was at 28 and then set the TPS span from 30 to 100. runs great.

But would like to either run a throttle kicker or more preferably an air bypass to give me the option to turn it off before start.

My question is, If i back off the set screw, close the throttle body, reset the TPS from 10 to 100

Then use one method to activate ALS before start. The end goal is to make my Transits between stages more enjoyable and be able to run the car with out ALS when hot out or if I don't need it and just want to finish.

Throttle kicker - flip switch before start to put the throttle at 30 all the time as low.

AIr by pass-  flip the switch before start and push in the gas to activate ALS mode

Anyone have any experience trying to run a set up like this? I would perfer to keep the car with this computer as its been running it since day one in 2001 with subaru canada.

sorry for the ramble.

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply, I'm fully aware of why and how the Link works.

But my main question was not what it was intended to do, As I see it when the car starts if the TPS is above set value the ALS comes on and If it is below it is off.

I do not want to switch it on and off while running. I want to be able to turn it on or off before starting with out having to set a screw.

it even mentions such a thing in the 44s manual - "The anti-lag is automatically armed if the throttle (TPS) is open in excess of "22" when the ignition key is first switched on. This will be the case when some sort of throttle opening device is being used."

Either by putting either a physical "Kicker" on the throttle body to open it to the required TPS, or by modifying the TPS signal to the computer so it thinks its at the required TPS and just us another valve to open to let the required air in.

Has anyone done this before? If not no biggy, I will let you know how it goes once I do. but figured I would reach out as there's no reason to design something that's already been done.

thanks so much. -Ian-

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