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G4 Extreme - Aftermarket Coils / Igniters for 3 rotor installation

James Simpson

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I also have two Toyota Igniters from a 7mtge, which I think drives 3 coils each, looking at a wiring diagram for it it appears to have 3 inputs used for deciding whcih coil to fire, but its not straight 1 to 1 wiring, its some sort of logical system, e.g, it has the following inputs IGa, IGb, IGt and outputs IC1, IC2, IC3 It says the IGt signal is routed to the appropriate coil depending on the signals from IGa, and IGb. So, before I go investing in coils with ignitors can I use this with a G4 extreme to fire some coils? Thanks, James

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i wouldnt be useing toyota ignitors as many of them have builtin rev limiters.

my sugestion if you are looking at any sort of real performance above stock is a set of m&w cdi units with msd coils

or if its a stock power type engine use two link three channel for easy two wire and test and very reliabe units


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