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Cam sync question.

nigel bobbin

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I am tying to understand how the cam sync signal works, i have a bmw M10 engine that i am going to use a link ECU on. This engine did not have cam/crank sensors on originally. I have made the crank sensor with a 36/1 missing tooth wheel with a reluctor sensor and understand how to set it up. No problem there My question is how to trigger another reluctor for the cam sync signal. where do i need to trigger the cam sensor. I.E do i use a pulse at TDC on cylinder 1, or just put a pulse at any crank angle. also what are the correct settings in the link software ? Nigel

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Hi Nigel.

The sync pulse usually appears between the last, and first in the firing order.  When the ECU sees the sync, it will want to fire from #1 on the next firing event.  Here is an example set up of how I think yours should look when done.  Please keep in mind I am not aware of the sensor locations on your vehicle, so the multi-tooth posn. on trig1 & Sync mode on trig2 should resemble their actual physical location.



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