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Logging discrepancies

Gary Mounsey

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Guys, I was just out playing with comp, pulling logs etc ... and i noticed 2 problems... When i log on the PC inside PCLink, no problems at all with all values displayed. However, when i use ECU logging and then play back one of the downloaded logs, the Wastegate DC reads whatever value the solenoid is last at when you logoff PCLink to run the playback. Normally this is 0, but i lowered all the lockout values etc to get it showing a value at idle, just to verify, and sure enought that constant value is in the ECU logs. Also, i use Analogue 4 as a GP Pressure (link 2.5Bar) using CAL5 . Logs fine in pclink logging, 100kpa with engine stopped, as it should..... but ecu logging shows a value of 10 ... if pclink logging reads fine, why no ecu logging ? Gary

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There are currently a couple of known issues regarding discrepencies between values displayed in PCLink when logging and in ECU logs.  This is to do with the assignemnts of different calibrations to analog channels.  The number displayed when using ECU logging will be correct but be out by one or two decimal places.  this issue is currently being rectified.


As for the problem with the boost solenoid duty cycle.  If the ECU log does not actually contain logged boost solenoid duty cycle then when you play it back in PCLink if you had a logger column set for boost solenoid then its value will not be updated (as there is nothing in the playback file to update it with).  

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