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Engine not starting. STIv4

Simon Vez

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Im running the possum link G1.

Car was running fine, almost 2 years now, until yesterday when it started to hesitate, then it died. I started the engine back on, with a rough idle, and it died again. Now it won't start at all.  Here more details :


- I have fuel and injectors are firing

-I have sparks on each plugs

-I have a good TPS readin

-I have a good MAP reading (engine off)

-I tried starting with the MAF unplugged

-I tried with O2 unplugged

-I checked all ground,and 12V on the ECU pins

-When you crank it, it will sometimes ignite and I can hear its trying hard to start.

-I removed my spark plugs, and they are all flooded with gaz from trying to crank the engine.. so gaz is going in 4 cylinders


Could it the cam position sensor or the crank position sensor? With my OEM ecu I was able to pull the DTC from the ECU with the check engine light. Now how can I see the DTCs? I tried with my laptop, i dont see where. I tried with the in-car link display, I go to screen "error: xxx"  showing nothing..


What am missing here ? Any idea? Your help would be very appreciated.




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