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+5V loading

Jeremy Towers

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not knowing exactly what device they are using inside the ECU (don't really want to crack mine open to have a look) I'd say between 1 to 1.5A maximum (they state that these are current limited, but I also don't know if the power out's are unique or shared with internal componentry, not sure what you'd be running to be pulling 1A as its just sensor resistances, the total parallel resistance on the +5V output at 1A is 5 ohms (V=IxR or R= V/I or I=V/R)

Measure your total parallel resistance from +5 out to GND, this total should be greater than 5 ohms (to maintain currents below 1A)

if its a 7805, approx 2A max (1-1.5 is safety margin, you don't want to hit current limit, if you do, the 5V rail will become either unstable or drop in voltage)


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