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celica gt4 st185 linkplus g3 help

david kemshell

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hi i am currntly trying to wire the adaptalink board for my car and am confused as your wiring diagram states connect ign1 to ignition signal for ignitor but i cant work out which wire on the car it is as the standard ecu has 2 wires for the ignitor, IGT and IGF so not sure which to connect it to please help

also i am running 850cc injector and on your wiring diagram you state to wire injector 1-3 together and 2-4 together but wouldnt it be better to wire the injectors to their own channels seperately? and i am right in thinking as my egnie has a single 02 wire then to connect that straight to the an volt1 ?

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Hi David,

1. IGF = Ignition Feedback, IGT = Ignition Signal. The correct one for you to use is IGT.

2. The LEM G3 which your Adaptalink uses only has 2 Injector drives, this why the injectors are paired. It is not possible to have an injection drive per cylinder.

3. Yes, correct, connect your Narrowband O2 sensor to AN Volt 1 and set it up as 'Voltage 0-5V'



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