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DI1 input

neil brown

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on my map i use di2 to switch between high and low boost and di1 for cyclinic cooling


what i want to do do is use di1 when switched on is to diable the boost solenoid to run actuator pressure , basically low boost mode of 0.85 bar and when off can use di2 for between med 1.1 bar and high 1.6


can i set this up with a rotary switch with 0-5v set up for the following


.5v input for boost solenoid diabled

1.5v for 1.1 bar boost level

2.5v for 1.6 bar boost level

3.5v for launch control with the use of a di input for clutch pedal

4.5v for cylinder cooling

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A Di is only geared to take a on or off signal.

A volt channel would allow a varying voltage to allow different boost levels but it could not be combined to give cyclic idle and launch.

If you were to wire the switch for Di1 to disconnect the power supply to the BCS then you would be able to have spring pressure with cyclic idle and then Di2 for the high / medium switching.

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