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link plus on to evo engine

Warwick Knox

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Hi Guys

Im in the process of build my project car its an old mitsubishi and im fitting a 4g63t rvr engine to it the same as evo 2 0r 3 so im told. I have the engine and factory loom for it as well as the ecu but i have also just purchased an unused link plus that came with what looks to be an early vr4 (sub board i think its called) that the factory loom would plug into but hasnt been installed. my question is do you think im better off get the sub board changed to suit the rvr loom or should i just do a complete engine rewire and use the link loom as its not being used in a rvr

Cheers for the advice in advance

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Assuming what you have is a LinkPlus with an adapter board to VR4 (an adapter has a short loom that converts the linkplus to a factory header)

If this is the case there is no adapter available to suit the RVR so you could either wire the unit in or convert the car to a VR4 loom.

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