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G4 GTS/GTR plug-in loom questoin

Mike Lucas

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Ok this might sound a little odd but here goes anyway.

I have a Link G4 Plug-in for the Nissan RB engines GTS/GTR. Now my setup is non turbo but I happen to have a GTR loom and head on the setup so there are many wires that I don't need (WG solenoid etc). I would like to strip the loom down and remove all wires that are not required (why carry the extra weight right). I am happy with the plug-in and the number of inputs/outputs it will provide for my setup ie no need to upgrade to an Extreme (once I get the soon to be released Knockblock G4).

I basically would like to know all pinouts/active/connects to the plug-in so I can remove all other wires from the blue plug at the loom

ie if pin 44 is not connected and never going to be used (44 is the neutral switch) but the link then can I remove the wiring for this? So is there a complete pinout of the plug-in so I can do a little tidy up of the factory loom and remove some of the fat?


PS this is for an engine conversion setup hence the changing of the factory loom (a little)

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In the back section of the manual http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g4-engine-management-documentation/NissanGTS you will find a pinout and pin function information. You can use this as a guide.

The manual does not show all of the power and ground connections that are also critical. Basically you should only remove something if you are 100% sure you don't need it. Looking on google for a pinout for your loom might also be of use.

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