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Subaru Link LEM4 questions

Joshua Sandel

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Hello, I am picking up a LEM4 setup for a decent price and have some questions. How old is the LEM4? I will be running this on a 2.5L Naturally aspirated motor, will this ECU provide me with a decent amount of control over the motor. I know it will not have all the vast functions of the G3 setup but I have tried the expensive hydra and it really did not do much for the price. My application is 13:1 compression ratio, cams, mild headwork, free flowing exhaust. About how much would it cost to upgrade this ecu? And is this a wire in only or is there a wiring harness that can be bought that will plug and play with my application. Thanks alot Josh

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The last run of V4 ecu's  was around 5 years ago. I would say it should do an OK job the new G3s are much improved particularly in areas like cold start, air temp and altitude correction.

You can upgrade to Version 5 firmware which will give you a little but of an improvement but not a dramatic one.

This was a wire in only ECU . Only adapters I know of are diy ones.

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