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engine wont fire. 3SGE on quad TBI

john steiner

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Simon , re phone call 2/11 regaurding no power to injectors. you were half right inso much as the wiring to the TPS switch was shabby [ bad soldering] fitted new connecter and resoldered and heat shrunk joints , TPS now reads from 0.35 v at closed throttle to 4.86 v at full throtlle. so that problem fixed . injectors are clicking when key turned on but still will not fire , not getting any fuel. is there any other checks that i can do , [only have multi meter , and no hand controler.] this problem started while on a drive round town , missing and poping etc then died completely. first thought was injectors so pulled them sent them off to be tested and not good news so fitted another set still no go so borrowed another set and still no go. help needed please cheers john

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Most likely reason for no start is failed trigger signals or power supply.  Ideally you need a hand controller for checking each of those.  Use the multimeter, make sure the ECU's power wire remains above about 8 volts during cranking.  Check all the wiring to the distributor, ignitor, coil and injectors.  Failing those checks, best contact a tuning shop and get them to sort it.

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