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any future major upgrade on link ecu?

rocky sivongxay

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It depends on exactly what you need.  If the G3 ECU's meet your requirements then there will be no advantage in holding out for a new one.  It is like anything, you will hold out for the next ECU, buy it then a better one will come along anyway.  It depends on what your time frame is.  If you are planning on buying something this year, then buy a G3.  G3 firmware will continue to be supported and upgraded as always.  We are continuously developing so new products are inevitable and eventually a G4 range will surface.

Which Link ECU were you looking at and for what application.  If you tell me exactly what you are doing, what engine you are running, what you need to wire and your time frame, I can help you determine the best ECU...

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i have a 93 toyota mr2 turbo 2.0 3sgte. i recently put a t3 turbo, manifold, downpipe, intercooler, exhaust, intake, and injectors. enough to get around 300whp on 18psi or so. but no engine management. i have no time frame. i do want the car to be fully functional. and would the ecu u recommend would work on a 05 pontiac gto?

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I don't know anything about the Pontiac, but our ECU's are not vehicle specific, the user configures them for a particular application.  In some cases we don't have engine position sensor decoding information for engines, so I would need to know a bit more about that car.  But you can use the same ECU for two cars just by downloading a configuration file into it.

We can do a plug-in option for the MR2 using an LEM G3.  We would need to know if it is a revision 1 or revision 2/3 car.  If you want to do a bit of motor sport, want full sequential injection or want to use knock control then the LinkPlus G3 would be a better option but is more expensive and requires wiring to install it.

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