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problem with ECU resistance in burnd

Ernst Derksen

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Hi Ernst,

I have had a look at your photo you attached to your post. The resistors are part of the power supply circuit, normally they burn out if the power supply is short circuited or the polarity is reversed. We recommend replacing them with these:


Our servicing team are able to carry out the job if you can-not find anyone local to yourself.



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Dear Scott,
I got the message you replied to Ernst and he asked me to reply to it to you.
Why would I need to replace the resistors with polyfuses? That makes no sense as the LM2940TC12 allready has it's internal protections closely matching those suggested by you in the link provided. 
I really would like to have the original values of the resistors. They are on the input pin of the LM2940TC12 and as such I could not find a diagram close enough to understand why those resistors are there in the first place...
Thank you very much.
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