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Some extras to add when possible

Gary Mounsey

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Guys, Some things id like to see added. (sorry if i missed something) 1. When selecting an analogue volt input as GP PRESSURE, it would be nice to have all (or the generic ones) Map sensors available in the list, not just the CAL tables... Ie, im using the LINK 2.5 Bar (as used as main input on the GTST Link plugin) as a GP Press at turbo , to be able to see cooler/piping pressure loss. 2. When using a second digital input as SPEED, would be nice to have a feature to compare and report %Difference or SLIP 3. A feature that allows you to , using a spare DI as 2nd RPM connected to gearbox input shaft (auto or manual ) , display SLIP value between engine RPM and shaft RPM. Thanks Gary

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Hi Gary,


Just a quick note to let you know the latest G4 Firmware (4.4.1) now has % Slip, calculated as the difference between a driven and non-driven wheel. The % Slip runtime value can be found in the Digital Inputs runtime values.  % Slip also becomes an axis parameter option and can be selected for a 3D table using the Axis Setup menu.


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