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Initial Setup

Philip Griffiths

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Hi, having a couple of issues with my initial setup.. engine: Mazda 2.0L v6 JFT setup with parallel turbos. pclink disconnects when i crank it over while trying to set up the trigger calibration. would this simply be due to a voltage drop (battery may be slightly flat) or are there other common scenarios that could cause the disconnect? also, since i installed the latest firmware 4.7.1 the temp inputs have gone crazy showing 'above error high value' fault codes and displaying the engine and inlet temps as -50C. full fault code for one of them is 'ECU fault code 46:An Temp 2 above Error High Value'. Any idea what is happening there? if i clear the fault codes they just reappear. Thanks

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There is a notice that 'Once Firmware has been upgraded, please check all your settings and sensors *before* starting engine' but this is a Rule for anything that you upgrade :)

Ok, start by checking the settings of your sensors again, even if its working, I'd still recheck it, something could have changed in the upgrade, best to verify now than later 'I knew I should have checked that option'

Once your inputs are checked, do the same for all your outputs.

I upgraded my firmware in my G4-E, and didn't check the settings on the inputs properly, and the trigger settings had changed, took me many hours to go back and do something I should have done 1st, check the trig settings, 1 option was added which totally screwed up  my trig inputs, its extremely difficult to fault find something that actually doesn't have a problem, while over looking the obvious

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Hi Philip,

The disconnect could be due to excessive noise, some laptops will drop the USB comms if it gets to much interference. Also if you have wired the computer to an ACC voltage supply it could disappear at crank just like your radio turns off etc.

As for the error codes they may not have initialised, under the Analog volts menu there are the fault settings. If the high erros is set to 0V it will alwasy throw an error. The usual value is 4.95V, 5.0V will disable the high error if you have a sensor that reaches 5.0V.


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alright, all the previous issues have been sorted. calibrated the triggers but it is doing some weird things (with the battery near flat due to cranking quite a lot). When i crank it (going by the LEDs on the triple igniter) to start with, while there is enough power, it now double flashes all three channels at the same time at TDC, but then when it slows down after a few seconds due to the flattening battery it goes back to the right sequential sparking. not sure what is going on but even if i have a flat battery in future i obviously dont want all cylinders firing at the same time.. any ideas? Philip

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